Intelligent Automation in HR

HR departments across all industries are being challenged to create greater business value while "doing more with less." At the same time, finding and retaining top talent has never been harder. How can HR rise to the challenge?

Intelligent Automation gives HR an opportunity to supercharge recruiting, optimize service delivery, and streamline business processes, all while reducing costs and freeing up human capital for more strategic, value-added work.

Find out how Intelligent Automation can take HR to the next level in your organization.

The 2018 Intelligent Automation in HR conference brings together HR leaders across a wide range of industries and maturity levels to address opportunities and challenges in implementing optimizing IA solutions, from Robotic Process Automation to Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and related new technology advances.

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How are Human Resources Departments Implementing Artificial Intelligence?

For HR professionals, this is an exciting time. Chatbots, or computer algorithms designed to simulate human conversations, are recruiting employees, answering general HR questions and personalizing learning experiences.


What You'll Learn

Building the Business Case for Automation

Closing the Automation "Readiness Gap"

Developing a Pilot Program to Score Quick Wins and Build Credibility

Scaling Up: From Pilot to Full-Scale RPA Deployment

Finding The Right Provider For Your Automation Journey

Using AI to Supercharge Your Recruiting Efforts and Land Top Talent

How Intelligent Automation is Enabling the HR Transformation Journey

Building Secure Governance and Control around IA

Benefits of IA for Your Organization

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